Using GitLab CI to deploy to remote host over ssh

I’ve been using GitLab for a while now and I really like it. I can’t objectively say whether it’s better than GitHub or not (I have a few projects on GitHub but I rarely make any changes to them and even more rarely use the web UI), but one of the things I appreciate about GitLab is the fact that I can run my own copy of it and store my own stuff in it. I also use it every day for work and at home so am much more familiar with it than GitHub.

Recently I’ve been playing with the CI aspect of GitLab. I’ve used Jenkins to handle “CI duties” in the past, and GitLab and Jenkins work quite well together, but I wanted to play around with GitLab’s built-in CI because of how tightly integrated it is (and since I run a small GitLab here at home, I can use the same system for my runners and don’t have to worry about setting up Jenkins).

Vincent Danen

December 08, 2016