What are the best programming fonts?

The choice the font in Firefox or Sulbimetext it is always hard decision….

As much as choice of a font is subjective there are important criteria to consider when choosing a programming font. The characters should be clear, easy to read, in cases of clashing ones such as 1, l, i or O, o, 0 easily distinguishable, differences between different kinds of brackets, quotes and parentheses should be clear, punctuation should be emphasized and they shouldn’t break up words or sentences due to uneven character widths. There are two ways fonts are drawn – as bitmaps or as vectors. Vector fonts allow more efficient scaling, but for screens with resolution below 720p it might be worth considering bitmap fonts as they are generally more legible at smaller sizes on low-resolution screens.

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Interfaces in Java – slideshare tutorial

Tutoriale jak definiować i używać interfejsów w Java oraz czym się różni interfejs od abstract class.

Interface in Java

  • Introduction to Interface
  • Multiple Inheritance – Example
  • Why Interfaces are needed
  • Java’s Interface Concept
  • Syntax
  • Semantic Rules for Interfaces
  • Example: An Interface for Shape Classes
  • Extending Interface
  • Abstract class and Interface
  • Benefits of Interfaces
  • Java’s Most used Interfaces


  • What is interface?
  • How to define interface?
  • How to use interface?
  • Why not use abstract class instead of interface?
  • UML of interface
  • Importance of interface
  • Different between interface and abstract class
  • Notes for interface
  • Class Design Guidline
  • Last words



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