Simple REST backend service.

  • Spring Boot
  • Unit Test 4/5
  • Mockito


  • Client can apply for loan asking for amount and term
  • Loan application evaluation: Application is risky if:
    • Loan application is done for max amount and loan application is created between 0:00–6:00
    • Client Applied 3 times using the same IP address
  • Loan is granted if loan application goes through risk evaluation without errors.
  • Once within loan term client can apply for term to be prolonged up to 14 days.


  1. Add Swagger to recognize this service
  2. Add docker and deploy service to AWS from GitHub
  3. Add stemming libs from IoT .


I assume that the risky loan request will be rejected.

Loan entity

static MAX_LOAN = 1000 – overrun

  • loanId Int artifical id.
  • Amount Long
  • LoanName String
  • Ip String
  • TermAt Date
  • historyLog String – info about allowed operations.
  • CreatedAt Date
  • UpdatedAT Date


{ "id": 4, "amount": 999, "loanName": "IBM", "ip": "", "termAt": "2020-02-22T16:01:08.756+0000", "historyLog": null, "createdAt": "2020-02-08T16:01:08.756+0000", "loanId": 4, "curentTime": "2020-02-08T16:01:08.900+0000", "prolongedTerm": false, "curentIp": "" }


  • amount > MAX_LOAN.
  • createdAt <0:00 – 6:00>.
  • ip same for 3 last apply in the same loanName.


  • Take Loan < MAX_LOAN out of <00:00 – 06:00> – accepted.
  • Take loan > MAX_LOAN – declined.
  • Take loan from different IP.
  • Take loan in different time <00:00 – 06:00>.
  • TrolongTerm – check changes.
  • Prolong two times loan – declined.


  • spring-boot-rest
  • sample init data HSQL in import.sql
  • junit test

Setting environment (InteliJ)

  • -add-opens and dependency for jaxb-api for suppres warning Illegal reflective access by org.springframework.cglib.core.ReflectUtils$1 StackOverflow
  • GROOVY_TURN_OFF_JAVA_WARNINGS=true temp fix WARNING: Illegal reflective access by org.codehaus.groovy.vmplugin.v7.Java7$1
  • sample init data HSQL in import.sql.

REST APIs & logic

The app defines following simple CRU APIs. Without delete.

MAX_LOAN = 1000 define loan overrun defined in entity model as column.

@NotNull(message = "Please enter correct amount of loan") 
@Max(MAX_LOAN) private long Amount;

Important case for variable entity ie nameLoan, cratedAt.

{ "prolongedTerm": false, "loanName": "IBM", "ip": "", "loanId": 1, "createdAt": "2020-02-06T22:19:44.000+0000", "termAt": "2020-03-06T22:19:44.000+0000", "amount": 999 }


{ "id": 4, "amount": 999, "loanName": "IBM", "ip": "", "termAt": "2020-02-22T16:01:08.756+0000", "historyLog": null, "createdAt": "2020-02-08T16:01:08.756+0000", "loanId": 4, "curentTime": "2020-02-08T16:01:08.900+0000", "prolongedTerm": false, "curentIp": "" }
{ "prolongedTerm": false, "loanName": "Cabacki", "ip": "", "loanId": 1, "createdAt": "2020-02-06T22:19:44.000+0000", "termAt": "2020-03-06T22:19:44.000+0000" }

You can test them using postman (or any other rest client). Postman test collection:

HSQL at mem

spring.datasource.url: jdbc:hsqldb:mem:restdb

Database Initialization

In a JPA-based applications, we can either choose to let Hibernate create the schema using entity classes or use schema.sql, but we cannot do both. Make sure to disable spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto if using schema.sql in


Sample init data HSQL in import.sql.

drop table if exists loans CASCADE create table loans ( Id bigint generated by default as identity (start with 1), Amount varbinary(255) not null, CreatedAt timestamp not null, Ip varchar(255), LoanName varchar(20), ProlongedTerm boolean, TermAt timestamp, UpdatedAt timestamp, primary key (Id) )

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