Customize yours WordPress editor

I had problem add code to articles somethings like add name of classes or variables in different CSS format. Here is tips how configure your WordPress editor to do it:


Here we are common problem in PLSQL. We try find answer for one common question in programing databases. Is the specyfic record exist in other table or not exist? Some examples below show how to menage this problem: In line 11 and 14 we have place to insert own code. Other solution we found when... Continue Reading →

sql – Search for a particular string in Oracle clob column

Example use string in Oracle CLOB column


SQL VARCHAR2 Functions and Operators on LOBs Source: sql - Search for a particular string in Oracle clob column - Stack Overflow Convert string to CLOB

SQL corner: remove duplicated number

Last time I have problem with duplicated number. Our callback interfaces write to us many error_number. So first i have to find where is and how many this number are. Function to remove double number: SQL Fiddle!4/75b32/1/1

subprogram inlining in 11g

Very usefully website 🙂 for PLSQL developers! subprogram inlining in 11gThe release of Oracle 10g brought with it the first optimising compiler for PL/SQL. As discussed in this article, Oracle added two levels of optimisation to provide some impressive performance gains without changing a line of code.Oracle 11g has taken compiler optimisation further, in... Continue Reading →

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