Zabbix JSON – alternative way monitoring Zabbix via API

Zabbix API 2+, Apache 2.4+ and PHP 7+. I have defined some alarms in Zabbix and I want to observe it in "application". Just use and Fronted i use Bootstrap and some additional lib's it is good effective way to make it simple an easy. Zabbix API Bootstrap

AgilePM Fundation v2

Material to study and learn:

Java wariacje z ciągiem Fibonacciego

Zadanie Utwórz rekurencyjna metode obliczajaca ciag Fibonacciego, zdefiniowany dla elementu fibonacci(n) jako sume fibonacci(n-1) + fibonacci(n-2) przy załozeniu, ze fibonacci(1) i fibonacci(2) maja odpowiednio wartosci 1 i 2. Ciąg Fibonaciego In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following integer sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, and characterized by the fact that every number... Continue Reading →

PLSQL corner

PLSQL loop inexed by letters

But this is not portable across character sets. I think a better solution is to declare up front your index variables like this:

That way if you change character sets (e.g. to utf8) you are not reliant on a collating sequence that doesn't match your char set.

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