Automat komórkowy w C | Cellular automaton (CA) in C

Cellular automata and Moore neighborhood

Cellular automaton (CA) is by definition a periodic grid of cells, where in each cell sits a finite automaton, and a set of (identical) rules for every such automaton describing to which state it switches on a next moment of discrete time ti+1, depending of its own state and states of all its neighbors on a current moment of time ti. For now, we will be interested in 2d, rectangular CA, and a neighborhood which includes 8 neighbors of the cell. This is what is called the Moore neighborhood, because it was invented by Edward Moore.

Rules Brain

  • Each cell has three possible states: passive, active, and semi-active.
  • If a cell is active, it goes to semi-active state on the next step
  • If a cell is semi-active, it becomes passive on the next step
  • If a cell is passive, it becomes active if and only if it has exactly 2 active neighbors





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