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Strony składam ostatnio w wymianie barterowej to coś w rodzaju małego hobby Jeżeli planujesz mała stronę gdzie wystarczy WordPress z informacjami o zajęciach i galerią to ładna grafika czy obraz w rozliczeniu wystarczy... Koszty utrzymania strony u providera to hosting + domena. Hosting na małą stronę 39pln/y (3GB) w zupełności wystarczy. Domena w zależności... Continue Reading →

Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python

Dictionary and Iterators Dictionaries implement a sq_contains slot that implements the same test as the has_key() method. This means that we can write

Dictionaries implement a tp_iter slot that returns an efficient iterator that iterates over the keys of the dictionary. During such an iteration, the dictionary should not be modified, except that setting... Continue Reading →

React continues to dominate the front-end landscape

“React continues to dominate the front-end landscape, and 2017 provided one of the most anticipated releases yet with version 16. It includes the fiber architecture which enables asynchronous UI rendering. This release also makes it much easier to manage unexpected application failures by providing error boundaries along with many other features.” @TreyHuffine

Cheat Sheet Emmet

Text: {}You can use curly braces to add text to element:

...will produce

Source: Cheat Sheet

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