Cheat Sheet Emmet

Text: {}You can use curly braces to add text to element:

...will produce

Source: Cheat Sheet

Python rename special characters in filename

Problem When upload files to One Drive i have problem with files contain special characters. Below you found Python script witch remove any special characters form filenames. Change

and enjoy! Solution Source(s)

Best Sublime Text 3 Themes

Boxy theme Boxy Tomorrow ★ Numix The screenshot above shows next options in action:

The operating system is Ubuntu. The font used for the code is Fira Code. The UI font is Fira Code (via addon) Installed packages: Boxy Theme Addon - Font Face Nice themes for my liked editor it is: Continue Reading →

f.lux: software to make your life better

It is very usefully application for all ppl witch long working with computer... f.lux automatically warms up your computer’s screen colors at sunset and returns them to normal at sunrise. This new version shapes your light based on your own schedule and internal clock.             Source: f.lux: software to make... Continue Reading →

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